Halifax West High School

December 2nd, 2016

A reminder to all students parking in the parking lot is by Permit Only.  Your permit must be visible because tickets are being issued.

The library will be closed today in the afternoon to allow the art students to prepare for an amazing new mural.  There will be no access after lunch.​ Thanks for you cooperation.

This is an announcement to anyone who received West Wear and the letters are falling off.  Please bring your West Wear back to the office and it will be sent back to the company to be fixed.

Anime Club after school today.

Student interested in a Halifax-Saskatoon cultural youth exchange, please go to the cafeteria at lunch on Friday for more information.

Would the following students please go to the Guidance Office for a very important message:  Chelsea Yeates-Denomey, Sidney Anderson, Zhi Liang See, Joseph Worth and Dylan St Hilaire.