Halifax West High School

January Exam Schedule and Storm Day procedures

Below you will find a link to a .pdf of the exam schedule for January 2017 and the instructions for what will happen if an exam day is cancelled due to a storm day.

Storm Day closures - HRSB high schools are instructed to handle school closures in the following manner:

• If a high school is closed during a scheduled exam day, the exam schedule is adjusted by advancing it one day for each missed exam day.

Example: If there is a school cancellation on Tuesday, January 24

  • All Tuesday’s exams move to Wednesday, January 25
  • All Wednesday’s exams move to Thursday, January 26
  • All Thursday’s exams move to Friday, January 27 and
  • All Friday’s exams move to Monday, January 30.

January 30 is currently a scheduled Assessment & Evaluation Day for high schools.  If the exam schedule is advanced by one day, the Assessment & Evaluation Day would move to January 31st.  In addition, the start of Semester Two would move ahead one day to February 1st